How one Las Vegas washing company is safely providing cleaning services during the pandemic?

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Exterior Cleaning Services During the pandemic

We now live in a world that has been hit by a pandemic. There are a lot of new normal trends which we now follow. One such normal is that companies who were service-based limited their services or completely opted to provide services until further notice. But there were also some companies like our Mr. Sparkles Power Washing Services, operating in Las Vegas. We took extra precautionary measures and ensured that we provide safe and exemplary washing services during the pandemic.

Our company took the challenge of the pandemic and turned it into an opportunity. But, the question is: how did we do it? Well, we are here to answer that question for you.

How Mr. Sparkles Power Washing Services provided safe services during the pandemic?

Like any smart company, our company worked energetically during the pandemic to make our customers believe in the company and also provided excellent services. So, let us take a look at how we did it.

Three ways on how Mr. Sparkles Power Washing Services are working during pandemic

Inform and educate

Running a company is not always about selling products; sometimes, it’s also about taking care of your clients, even if it means you can’t help them physically. To build a community, you have to give more than just services to your customers. And Mr. Sparkles Power Washing Services did just that. We provided valuable content on their website for the customers, which included tips on cleaning the house clean and safe from Covid-19, how to disinfect, virtual demonstrations of how to clean different surfaces, and various other cleaning tips.

Power washing services

During the pandemic, everyone was worried and scared of the virus. At such time, Mr. Sparkles Power Washing Services offered a wide range of services to fight against the novel Coronavirus. We offered washing services for residences, buildings, multi-unit properties, concrete cleaning, sewer jetting as well as UV coating. All these services were exactly what the customers needed, and so we provided these services to them.  

We offered services for cleaning the driveways, roof, exterior of the house, awning cleaning, gutter, windows, oil/grease removal, UV coating on almost all surfaces, etc.

Safety precautions

The most important thing for us is the health safety of our expert team and the health safety of our clients. This is why we take pride in what we do because we do it according to the health care code. Before our team is assigned on duty, their temperatures are checked, and they are provided with proper working kits with masks and polypropylene coats so that they stay safe and so do the people around them. They stay in proper kits throughout the project.

Our teams also ensure that they maintain a safe precautionary distance from other team members and from the residence of the area they are working on. Apart from this the products we use for our services are also according to the health grade and WHO.

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Posted by Mr Sparkles on February 27, 2021